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We ensure the creativity of the author remains throughout. With a dedicated team of illustrators and designers, we can produce everything from picture books to cover designs.

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With the growing popularity of E-Books, you can now publish your book in digital format. We also offer E-Book marketing, selling to 230 online stores worldwide, 25000 libraries and 1000 retail outlets.

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Marketing and selling a book is often the hardest part. We can handle marketing to national retailers, online and independent bookshops and distribution across the UK.

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Despite being based in Wales, we publish authors worldwide. We tend to publish first time and relatively unknown authors, due to our ‘helping hand’ services with design, marketing etc.

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Rowanvale Books provides assisted self-publishing services to first time and indie authors, ensuring that authors, writers and poets around the world have an ethical, flexible and cost-effective publishing option.

Recent Testimonials

  • AMY BENCH, AUTHOR OF THE LAND OF FAIRY TALES SAYS …Everything so far has worked really smoothly and effectively. Rowanvale Books has worked closely with me and has taken into consideration all my ideas on how I would like the book to be. They have helped make my fantasy into a reality… Continue Reading →
  • RHIAN HOWELLS, AUTHOR OF I’M STILL YOUR AUNTIE SAYS …Rowanvale Books make dreams come true! I never thought I would be lucky enough to actually get a book published, but with the help of Cat, Sarah and the team, I have! From the very beginning I have found them to be honest and helpful…Continue Reading →
  • SCOTT EDWARD HAMILL, AUTHOR OF ROBERT DID IT SAYS: …I just wanted to thank you again for everything, All of you working at Rowanvale are really helping to bring about a good chance for us who began to think writing was only for the extremely experienced. Keep up the good work! I can't thank you enough… Continue Reading →
  • DAVID WEST, AUTHOR OF A LONG TIME COMING SAYS: …So far Rowanvale Books has been an agent, proof reader, tutor, mentor and anything else which might be required between publisher and proselyte - all in one place… Continue Reading →
  • BETH CORTESE, AUTHOR OF BUTTERCUP, AND HER MANY-LEGGED FRIENDS SAYS: …The team at Rowanvale Books have been brilliant! Not only are they efficient, enthusiastic and honest, they respect the author’s vision for their work. … Continue Reading →
  • JASON PURDY, AUTHOR OF CIGARETTE SAYS: …Rowanvale were fantastic to work with. Every step of the way they kept me informed of the publishing process and were always happy to answer my questions and queries. It was great to see my book coming together with their help. … Continue Reading →
  • SERENA DISS, AUTHOR OF YOURS TRULY, BRIAN AND OTHER STORIES SAYS: …I found Rowanvale most helpful and accommodating in all aspects of producing my collection of short stories, and marketing the product. … Continue Reading →
  • DAVID WARD, (THE YEAR OF THE BLUE REINDEER): …Rowanvale are a breath of fresh air in the world of self-publishing - they empower the author as opposed to treating them as a commodity. Coupled with a friendly and highly efficient service, they are head and shoulders above the others. … Continue Reading →
  • GAVIN WHYTE, (HAPPINESS & HONEY): …Rowanvale work really hard at turning an author's vision into a reality. Being a perfectionist, it was nice to work with a team who want nothing but the best for their clients. They are friendly and approachable and have the patience of saints … Continue Reading →
  • GAVIN JONES, (THREE BULLETS): …The last seven months have been an amazing period in my life and last week when I received the finished product was one of the best days of my life… Working with Rowanvale was first class; I found everything about your company brilliant … Continue Reading →
  • KATE WILLIAMS, (SOUL NOURISHMENT): …Thanks for all your hard work...very much appreciated … Continue Reading →
  • ELLA A. ROSE, (FROZEN): …Working with Rowanvale Books has by far been a wonderful experience. I wasn't sure how seamless everything would work, being in different time-zones (and countries), but everything had proceeded in a timely and efficient process. ... Continue Reading →
  • LANCE BARNWELL, (DERELICTION): …I'd like to thank everyone at Rowanvale for making the publishing of my book such a pleasant experience. Cat and Sarah made the whole process easy for me, with their constructive advice and assistance. .... Continue Reading →
  • CONNOR WOLF, (BITE OF VENGEANCE): …Over the publication process, I have been constantly updated with each new bit of information, it's gone extremely well and very smoothly. The team at Rowanvale work to a very high standards ... Continue Reading →
  • DAN MOORE, (HAUNTED FIELDS): …I'd just like to say a massive thank you … The finished book is wonderful. I would recommend Rowanvale Books to any aspiring writer. I found that every time I asked a question or for some advice, the responses given by the team were extremely detailed and helpful. ... Continue Reading →

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